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Week of May 15 – 19

Story of the Week- “The Kite” from Days with Frog and Toad and Measuring Weather.

Target Skill- Story Structure and Fantasy

Target Strategy- Infer/ Predict

Grammar- Adjectives

Phonics Skill – Long I and Spelling Patterns- igh, y, ie. Inflections- ed, ing, er, est, es.

Vocabulary words- across, ball, cried, head, heard, large, second, should

Spelling words- my, try, sky, fly, by, dry, pie, cried, night, light, myself, brighter. Challenge word- Laughter

Math- Adding double digits, reviewing time and money. Number patterns on a 120 chart.

Science- Weather

Social Studies- Tennessee Unit.

**** Send in a snack every day.

Last day of school we will have a small party at the end of the day. More info to come later!!!

Only 8 days left!!!!

***Tomorrow is Field Day. Please have your child wear their field day t-shirt and tennis shoes. You may want to apply sunscreen before they leave the house. Your child will need a water bottle, a beach blanket, and an extra water for the cooler. All activities will start at 9:30. The tug of war will begin at 1:15. Our lunch time will remain the same, 11:20 – 11:45. We will sit outside and eat. Hope to see you there. M. Seigenthaler

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Week of May 8 – 12

Story: What can you do? –   Informational text and The Wind and the Sun – A fable

Vocabulary words: different, near, enough, stories, high, always, once, happy.

Phonics skill: Base words and inflectional endings

-er, -est  (change y to i); syllable –le.

Spelling words: hard, harder, hardest, fast faster, fastest, slow, slower slowest, sooner.

Comprehension strategy: Author’s purpose-tell why an author writes a book.

Writing focus: Opinion writing

Math- Adding and subtracting, doubling numbers, adding ten to all numbers, money, time.

Social studies: Tennessee unit

***Reminder: Field day is this Friday May 12th.  Please have your child bring beach towel and an extra water. Please join us for the fun!

Book Fair is this week and we will go on Tuesday and shop if you would like to send money with your child. Thanks.

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Week of May 1 – 5

Stories of the week- The Dot and Artists Create Art

Target Skill- Compare and Contrast

Target Strategy- Monitor/ Clarify

Phonics skills- Base words with ed, ing, endings and Long e spelling patterns y, ie

Grammar- Exclamations

Vocabulary words- above, bear, even, pushed, studied, surprised, teacher, toward.

Spelling words- flop, flopped, hop, hopped, hoped, hoping, run, running, use, used, writing, grabbed. Challenge word- squiggle

Social Studies- We are learning about our great state of Tennessee.

Math- Numbers beyond 100, Money and Time.

*****Reminders- Friday May 12th is Field Day. Dress comfortably and bring a beach towel and an extra water bottle. All parents are welcome.



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Week of April 24 – 28

Stories of the week: The New Friend and Symbols of Our Country. Target skill- Understanding Characters.

Phonics skills: Vowel Combinations- ou, ow, oi, oy, au, aw.

Vocabulary words: buy, city, family, myself, party, please, school, seven.

Spelling words: how, now, cow, owl, ouch, house, found, out, gown, town, shout, power. Challenge word- character

Grammar: contractions with not and contractions with pronouns.

Writing: Narrative writing

Social studies: Unit on Tennessee

Math: Unit 8- Time in seconds, minutes, hours. Counting money

***Field Day is May 12th! Please join us for part of the day or all!

The related arts schedule has gotten switched because of TCAP testing. I will have to post it later this week. I know tomorrow is P.E.. Sorry for the inconvenience.Reminder- Send in your child’s blue registration card by this Friday.

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Week of April 17 – 21

Hope everyone Easter was very blessed. Can’t believe we only have 27 days left of school.

Story of the week: A Tree Is a Plant-Informational Text and Grow, Apples, Grow- Informational text

Target skill: Sequence of Events and Target strategy: Questioning

Phonics skills: Vowel digraphs/ Spelling patterns- oo, ou, ew, ue, u, u_e.

Grammar skill: Indefinite pronouns

Vocabulary words: ready, country, soil, kinds, earth, almost, covers, warms.

Spelling words: soon, new, noon, zoo, boot, too, moon, blew, soup, you, grew, scoop. Challenge word: blossoms

Number Corner- Adding and subtracting on the 120 chart, counting money, graphing on a 200 chart.

Math: Unit 7- Adding double digits, counting to 120.

Science: Plants, Living and Non-Living things


*** Read library books nightly so your child may AR test.

*** Field Day t-shirt money due this week. Field day is May 12th We would love if you would join us.

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Week of April 10 – 13

The animal projects this past week were sensational! Thanks so much for helping your children complete these. I learned so much about different types of animals and the students looked forward each day to presenting and listening to their friends present. It was a fun class project. I hope you enjoyed doing it with your child as much as I enjoyed seeing their excitement. Thanks again!


This week we will not have a story of the week or spelling words since it is a short week. We will continue with math and cover Unit 7 Module 3. This module continues on with numbers to 120. We will also add and subtract double digits in this module.

In reading we will read several Easter stories and review story structure. We will be writing some fun bunny stories. We will catch up on some tapping out with tiles lessons which will include adding es to words to make them plural, the three sounds of ed, and a contractions lesson.

We will review sentence structure and punctuation. Nouns, verbs, and adjectives will be in our review also.

Our related arts schedule this week- Mon. – Library (bring back books)

Tues. – Computer

Wed. – P.E.

Thurs. – Music

I hope everyone has a very nice Easter break. Thanks for all you do.


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Week of April 3-7

Stories of the Week: Whistle for Willie and Pet Poems

Anchor Text Genre: Realistic Fiction

Reading skill: Cause and Effect

Phonics skill: Vowel digraph oo and Syllable pattern CVC

Grammar skill: Possessive pronouns (my, your, his, her, mine, yours, hers) and capitalization of dates.

Vocabulary Strategy: Define Words

Vocabulary words: again, along, began, boy, father, house, nothing, together.

Spelling words: look, book, good, hook, brook, took, foot, shook, wood, hood, crook, hoof. Challenge word: Whistle

Math skill: Unit 7- Numbers to 120. Adding and subtracting double digits, number patterns to 120.

Reminders: Animal projects due this week. Each child chose their own individual animal and the note with info and assigned day to present came home in red folders on Wednesday. If your child did not make it home with their note I will resend info tomorrow.

Read library books at home with your child so they can test in class.

A BIG THANKS to all parents who helped with the POWWOW. The benefits from the powwow help make our school the great school that it is. Thanks for all you do!!!

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Spring picture money is due on Wednesday March 29th.

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Week of March 27 – 31

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing spring break. I can’t believe we are entering our last nine weeks of school. The nine weeks will be filled with many end of year activities so I will not be setting the AR goals as high. The reading contest is still going on so have your child fill in whenever they read on their reading logs and please write down the length of time reading.

Story of the Week- Amazing Animals and The Ugly Duckling.

Reading skill – Drawing conclusions.

Phonics skill- r controlled vowels- er, ir, ur

Grammar skill- Pronouns I and me

Vocabulary words- baby, begins, eight, follow, learning, until, years, young.

Vocabulary strategies: Using a Dictionary Entry

Spelling words- her, fern, girl, sir, stir, bird, fur, hurt, turn, third, curl, first. Challenge word- amazing

Writing: Narrative Writing

Math – Unit 7- One hundred and beyond. Understanding place value within the range of 0-120.

**Spring picture money is due Wednesday March 29th.

Related Arts schedule- Mon.- P.E. Great thing to come back for!


Weds.- Guidance

Thurs.- Art

Fri.- Library


Look forward to welcoming everyone back!

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AR Goals

Your child’s AR goal should be met by this Thursday. We will have a game day where your child will be able to bring their electronic devices, board games, or card games to play after lunch. There are a few students who have not met their goals so their top priority is to read  this week. Library books should always be read and tested on the next day.  I want everyone to be able to enjoy game day. Many students have met their goals and have exceeded their personal goal. Congrats to those readers.

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