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November 13 – 17

This week our stories of the week are both informational texts called At Home in the Ocean and Water.

Vocabulary Words: blue, little, water, cold, live, where, far, their.

Spelling Words: that, then, this, them, with, bath, thick, tenth, three, thank. Challenge words: ocean, water

Phonics: Digraph th. Words with s, es, ed, ing, endings.

Grammar: proper nouns

Fluency: punctuation

Math: Unit 3- Adding to 20, finding the missing addend, 3-D shapes, time to the hour and half hour

****Please send in a snack daily. Coats need to be sent, because we go outside every day.

Library day is Thursday’s. Help your child read their library book 3 times so they may test.

Adopt a Family info will come home Tuesday and you received an email about it also. Let’s fill up our box and help a families Christmas wishes come true.

Thanks to Teresa Rippy for heading up this project.

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Week of November 6 – 10

Story of the Week: A Cupcake Party and Happy Times

Target Skill: Story Structure and Dialogue

Phonics Skill: Short u and final blends. Phonogram –ump

Vocabulary words: eat, put, give, small, one, take

Spelling words: us, sun, bus, run, jump, must, rust, jug, pump, dust

*** challenge word- party

Grammar Skill: Using a, an, and the

Vocabulary Strategies: Synonyms and Antonyms

Writing: Descriptive writing

Math:  Unit 3- Adding, Subtracting, Counting and Comparing

Social Studies: The Pilgrims

*** Thanksgiving Luncheon is Friday at 10:55.

*** Please read library books 3 times so your child may test before we go to library on Thursday

*** Send a snack daily for your child.


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Week of October 30-November 3

This week our story is the biography of Dr. Seuss and also a funny rhyme titled Let’s Laugh! We will also read several Dr. Seuss books together for enjoyment.

Our essential question: What makes a story or poem funny?

Vocabulary words: after, draw, pictures, read, was, write.

Phonics skills: Review short Ee, and clusters with s.

Comprehension skill: Text with graphic features and how to tell how words work with photos.

Comprehension strategy: Questioning. Asking questions about what you are reading.

Writing focus:  Informative writing.

Spelling words: yes, let, red, ten, bed, get, vet, bet, sled, step. Challenge word: Dr. Seuss

Math: Unit 3: Adding double digits, double digits plus 1, place value.

Number Corner: Fractions, Time, and adding double digits.

Reminders- Snack everyday.

Thursday is library day. Return books. Books must be read before Thursday so your child may AR test on their book.

****Please send a coat, hat, gloves, etc. if it is cold outside because we will go out twice a day. Thanks.

Email about our adopt a family will be coming soon.

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October 23 – 27

Reading- Stories of the weekA Musical Day and Drums

Reading skills- Fluency and Narrator of story

Phonics- Review of short Oo words, blends with Ll, and phonogram –ock

Vocabulary Words- her, now, our, she, today, would

Spelling words- on, got, fox, pop, not, hop, block, clock, lock, rock. Challenge word- music

Grammar- adjectives, and statements

Comprehension skills and Strategies- Sequencing of events

Math- Unit 3- Adding doubles, adding doubles plus one, finding the missing addend.

Number Corner- Fractions, alapsed time, adding double digits.

Social Studies- Finish our writing about Christopher Columbus


*** Read and return library books, so your child can AR test.

*** Don’t forget to send a snack daily for your child.

Halloween parade and party is this Friday. Parade will begin at 2:00 and party will be immediately following the parade. Please send in your child’s Halloween costume in their backpack.

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October 2- 6

This week our informational texts are How Animals Communicate and Insect Messages.

The target skill is the main idea, details, text and graphic features.

Target strategy: Infer/ Predict

Phonics skill: Review words with short Ii, blends with r. Phonogram – ip.

Vocabulary words: animal, how, make, of, why, some.

Spelling words: in, will, did, six, big, trip, crib, trick, brim, and drill. Challenge word- animal

Grammar: commas in a series

Math: Unit 2- Adding/Subtracting, Fractions, Time to the hour.

Library day is Thursday. Read library book at home so your child may test and return their book by Thursday.

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September 25-29

Our story of the week is The boy who cried Wolf and the classic tale of The three little pigs.

Reading skill: Understanding characters

Genre: Fable and Fairy Tales

Strategy: Summarizing text

Phonics: Short vowel review and double final consonants.

Grammar: Complete Sentences

Spelling Words: an, bad, can, had, cat, ran, pack, sack, quack, black. Challenge word: Wolf

Vocabulary words: away, call, come, hear, said, every

Reminder: Warrior Walk is Friday! Opening ceremonies are at 12:10. First grade walks from 12:30-1:00. Please come and join us!

Please remember to have your child read their library books three times so that they may test before Thursday.

Wanted to let everyone know their is an app. that you can download that has the first 300 fry sight words for your child to practice. We are continuing to work on these in class but any extra practice would be appreciated. Thanks, M. seigenthaler

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September 19-22

Story of the Week: Gus takes the train. Students will identify the characters, setting, and plot and also discuss aspects of the fantasy genre, such as animal characters. Our informational text will be City Zoo. Students will learn about what can be found at a zoo and also discover how to locate information on a map.

Comprehension skills and Strategies: Story structure and Fantasy

Phonics skill: Words with short Uu.  Consonants  Q, and Z.

Spelling words: up, bug, mud, nut, hug, tub, run, bus, cut, rug. Challenge words: train

Grammar: Sentence structure

Language skill: Adjectives

Math: Unit 2: Adding, subtracting, and finding missing addend using dice and dominoes.


Reminder: Warrior Walk kick off is this coming Friday with pledge sheets coming home. The Warrior walk is the next Friday,  September 29th.

We would love for all parents to come and cheer us on!

AR goals are set and so are reading levels. Be sure and read with your child nightly. All library books must be read 2-3 times so that they may test before our next library day.


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September 11-15

Story of the week: Lucia’s Neighborhood

We will also read the fable City Mouse and Country Mouse

Social Studies: Community Helpers and Me on a Map

Phonics Skill: Short e, consonants k, v, j, y, and w. Phonogram -et

Grammar: Adjectives and reviewing Nouns and Verbs.

Spelling words: yet, web, pen, wet, leg, hen, jet, fed, pet, men

Challenge word: neighbor

Vocabulary strategy: Alphabetical order

Math: Unit 2- Domino adding and subtracting.  Finding parts of a whole, adding to ten

*** Don’t forget Spelling test every Friday- Practice test on Wednesdays.

*** Reminder-Conferences are Monday Sept. 18th.

*** We have begun our AR testing. Please read library books with your child before they test.       

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September 5 -8

This week since it is a short week we will have a review week. We will not have a story of the week or a spelling test.  I will go over nouns, verbs, possessive nouns, sentence writing and short vowels. We will continue with out tapping out with tiles lessons and will cover consonant blends.  In math we will finish up Unit 1 on adding to ten and work in our math journals. In science and social studies we will read our scholastic news.

On Friday we will have goodies with grandparents from 2:00-3:00 in our classroom. There will be light refreshments served. There should be an email about it from PTO tomorrow. I hope all grandparents will try and attend.

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Week of August 28 – Sept. 1

This week the children will think about the question “Why is going to school important?” We’ll read the fantasy story        Curious George at School, in which our monkey friend has fun in the classroom. Children will also read the informational text School Long Ago, which looks at schools past and present.

This weeks…

Words to know: do, find, funny, no, sing, they

Spelling words: Short o words

Phonics skills: Words with short o, consonants l, x and inflection-s

Vocabulary strategy: Multiple meaning words

Comprehension skill: Sequence of events

Writing focus: Sentences

Grammar: Verbs

Math: Unit 1- Adding and finding the missing addend.

Spelling Words: log, dog, top, hot, lot, ox, cop, pot, hog, mop.  Challenge word: curious

As a reminder- The lunchroom has asked that all parents place lunch money in a zip lock bag with your child’s name and the teachers name on the outside of the bag if sending in lunch money. Thanks for your cooperation.


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